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Teaching Creative Dance for all ages

A Vision of Dance

In 1970 Dorotea Mangiamele established a school dedicated to the arts of yoga and a style of creative dance which would give guidance and inspiration to the creative capacity of adults and children alike.

Over the thirty years the understanding of yoga has developed and deepened and the creative dance has grown into a unique system of uncovering the creative spirit through inspiration and joy rather than repetitive technique.

Drawing upon the subtlety deepening practices of yoga, the dance under the influence of many gifted and discerning practitioners has been adapted to fulfil its initial aims for the use of the young, the elderly and dancers with both physical and mental disabilities.

The course has evolved out of the experiences and inspirations of thirty years of creative dance and has been devised and is presented by direct students of its original creator. 

Course Aims

To awaken in each prospective dance teacher a deeper understanding of her/his own creative potential and to other many avenues to achieve this.

To equip the teacher to create, develop and present complete Creative Dance experiences for a wide variety of client groups, ranging from parents and children, pre-schoolers, school age children and teenagers through to mature adults.

To inspire the continuing development of the teacher’s own style of presentation of the dance in response to the needs of their chosen eld of endeavour.

Course Structure

Creative Dance Movement

Every lecture is accompanied by a creative dance session.

Art and Music

Historically based exploration of two primary sources of inspiration ranging from medieval to contemporary and ethic.

Yoga Basics

An introduction to the techniques which awaken the sources of movement and mind in the individual. Also a brief look at application of subtle philosophy into dance teaching and design.

Doorways to Creativity

Looking at the use of physical props, imagery and poetry etc. to stimulate dance impulse and design.

Designing a Class

The science of structuring classes for specific client groups.

Teaching a Class

Delivering a session to specific client groups.

Sourcing Inspiration

The individual journey. Throughout the course emphasis will be placed on the development of self awareness, specifically the discovery of that which inspires and sustains the innate creativity of each student.

Ages and Stages

Applying the teaching to a variety of client groups with emphasis on the interests of the student.

Working in the Field

OHS, safe dance practices and creative dance teaching as a business and career.

The Teachers